The Great Wall of Silence The Silent Political Takeover of the United States

As the election year approaches, Addison Landon, an investigative reporter and political analyst, is about to uncover the most elaborate plot she, or anyone else for that matter, has ever seen. An actual plot to create the largest contiguous land empire in human history that began 646 years ago. What she uncovers is not an army that plans to overthrow governments by force, but a secret society that has ultimate political aspirations.

Woven into the very political structure of Democracy that the United States holds dear to its heart, is a plot that is so well executed, that no one can see it…let alone stop it. Addison is in a race against the clock to piece together what are seemingly absurd clues that are linking her to the Mongolian Empire of 1206 AD and the ancestors of Genghis Khan himself. Ancestors that for 646 years have planned and executed the silent political takeover of the United States.

Conspiracy Theory

We live in a time when people do not trust politicians and grasp onto conspiracy theories, all further flamed by social media.

A Grain of Truth

Even a tiny grain of truth creates believability, and that’s exactly what The Great Wall of Silence provides.

DNA Evidence

With actual DNA evidence showing Genghis Khan is the ancestor of people on every continent in the World.

Secret Society

And the Secret Society that is growing in power by infiltrating the political systems that are the foundation of the United States

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Elizabeth Harrison

I love political thriller and adventure novels and author H.C. Deboard and written one heck of a debut novel with his “The Great Wall of Silence”. The story of a secret society that has been plotting ultimate control for over 600 years. A political analyst and reporter, Addison Landon, falls into the midst of this plot as she starts to uncover clues to this society and her actual linkage to the Mongolian Empire. This was a fantastic story filled with adventure, mystery, suspense and just the right amount of action for my taste. I found the story to be very well written and am so looking forward to reading some follow ups by this talented writer.

Andreas Patterson

With an interesting and well written lead and secondary characters that dont fall flat this one has such a fun conspiracy to follow that youll enjoy each page! The beginning is a bit over the top but you quickly fall into the flow of the novel and it really is quite a fun read.

Eugene Jones

The writer wove a fantastic conspiracy theory tale.
I was glad the heroine received her just due. The key players fit together well. I initially suspected the professor. I was glad he ended up being a stand up guy.

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H.C. DeBoard Author, Speaker, Producer

H.C. DeBoard is an American businessman, private investor, author, successful entrepreneur, and Decorated Disabled American Veteran. After 13 years of total government service, DeBoard embarked on the journey to write this novel.

H.C. is a Graduate of Marshall University and currently lives in the mountains of Colorado with his wife, son and 110 lb Silver Lab named Tucker. H.C. writes mystery thrillers that incorporate elements of science and truth to make it easier for the reader to jump into the essence of the story through the eyes of his characters.

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